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The label is a product’s main form of communication. Its use, practical or promotional, is part of our daily lives.


Sleeves made with PET, PVC, OPS, PLA and materials with levels of retraction suitable to enwrap products of any size and shape.


Radio Frequency IDentification - The new frontier of electronic identification: smart labels that wirelessly transfer digital information.

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logo qualita Our products are designed and manufactured following strict quality control standards, which ensures the quality of the labels at each stage of their production.

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This company, founded and managed by Lidia Cattaneo and Eugenio Brambilla, is a peculiarity in the graphics industry. Thanks to a careful policy of total quality research and innovation, they shaped Eurolabel into one of the most important manufacturers of self-adhesive labels and other packaging products.

Premio Vedovella 2012

Eurolabel provides timely and flexible answers, harmoniously combining large and small production batches, resulting in an ideal partner for any type of customer.